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ZI II CI IEN 是由设计师支晨ZHI CHEN创立,品牌旨在将艺术以轻松的语言注入设计, 模糊美术馆与生活的边界。支晨追求在针织技术上的突破与创新,竭力把 时尚与针织技术结合起来。用现代的语言定义针织,力图颠覆“毛衣”的 刻板印象。

ZI II CI IEN was founded by designer ZHI CHEN. The brand aims to infiltrate art into design with a relaxed language and blur the boundary between gallery and life. Zhi Chen pursues knitting technology breakthrough and innovation, and tried to combine fashion with it. He tries to apply modern language to define knitting and to overturn the stereotype of "sweater".

Available for purchase IN-STORE only

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