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品牌创始人Nina Jiang毕业于Parsons设计学院。毕业后组建家庭的经历让她更深刻地思考了人与人间的情感纽带与女性自我实现之间的关系。她相信对自我的认知往往来源于与他人的交织与碰撞。那些来自集体和家庭的归属感能源源不断地赋予人们尽善尽美, 蜕变强大的力量。

UNISECON以时装为媒介, 透过女性的视角致敬那些常被忽略的平凡共性。用摩登混搭的姿态,刻画出一群既有依伴又独立自主,既有温度又有态度的新时代多面的形象。

Established in 2020, UNISECON is a New York-based label that explores multi-faceted feminine styles with a personal touch.

The founder and creative director Nina Jiang started her family and gave birth to her daughter one year after graduating from Parsons School of design. Deviating from the avant-garde core in her student days, Nina realized a sense of belonging from living in a household of three generations of women and determined to transfer her new blossoming life through her latest creative spirit, UNISECON.

UNISECON is committed to celebrating the overlooked emotional bond among people, offering a wardrobe for the modern interpretation of femininity and collectivism animated in both retro and futuristic forms.

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