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SWEETPOTATO CHIU成立于2019年,从艺术工作室SPC studio中诞生,它就像个拥有着细腻安静老灵魂的新生儿。在这充斥着满是快消品的时代,我们保持初心,让它天真浪漫美好地成长。

​C’est merveilleux quand on est amoureux, 意思是“当我们相遇时,一起都是美好的。”我们更赋予它新的意义,当我们遇到各种各样不同的材料,使用不同的技法,相互运用,相辅渗透。





C’est merveilleux quand on est amoureux, meaning It’s Wonderful When We are in Love. 

Originated from SPC Studio and founded in 2019, SWEETPOTATO CHIU is a newborn with an exquisite soul. In this age of mass consumption, the team adheres to its original aspiration and raise SWEETPOTATO CHIU in sincerity and romance.

“We Create Love and Beauty”

We try to appreciate the performance of a specific craftsmanship at different times in history, to learn and understand its culture and development. Applying certain traditional techniques to design and production, we lead our audiences to feel the beauty of traditional crafts not only by seeing, but also by touching and feeling fine garments through needle and thread.

To love, to create love, to create beauty.

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