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设计师周师墨SHIMO/ZHOU毕业于伦敦时装学院女装本科及男装硕士专业,其设计具有严谨的逻辑理念和丰富的色彩肌理;求学期间曾陆续任职于Alexander McQueen,Erdem等品牌。设计师温雅UNE YEA则毕业于英国皇家艺术学院配饰专业,其配饰以具有先锋概念见长,并曾于Armani米兰总部长期实习。

STÃFFÕNLY illustrate unlimited imaginations which beyond the world itself. They focus on the logic hidden from the appearance and the sense of communal recognition from the groups and communities. The development on the fresh concept and identity is the essential first step in the symbiotic design process. It leads to a series of curated materials and colors choices for an ironic and provocative take on fashion that is enhanced by functional and sculpted silhouettes. They visualized that "a STAFFONLY man always has an abundance of curiosity and a sense of humor, and he is willing to break the boundaries and explore the unknown ear of the world."

SHIMO/ZHOU graduated from The London College of Fashion with a bachelor's degree in women's wear and a master's degree in men's wear. During her study, she successively worked for Alexander McQueen, Erdem etc. While UNE YEA, graduated from the Royal College of Art majoring in accessories. Her accessories are known for its pioneering concept, and she used to worked as an intern at Armani headquarters in Milan.

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