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Shie Lyu悉麓是一个在纽约创立、现base在中国的时装品牌。设计师Shie出身中国,在悉尼东京伦敦纽约生活多年,本科取得金融学士学位以后,赴纽约深造,毕业于帕森斯研究生Fashion Design and Society服装设计专业。Shie Lyu曾获得及入围多个全球服装设计大奖,部分作品分别曾在伦敦Freemasons’Hall,巴黎247showroom,以及纽约MoMa PS1博物馆展出。


Shie Lyu的每一季都会有数件经过精密计算、全手工制作的作品,回收或再利用有缺陷的材料,创新运用各种高定手工艺,赋予这些无用废材灵动的生命。

With designer’s mathematic way of thinking, there are meticulous constructions and textiles in Shie’s work as well as unusual materials like recycled rubbers, molded Perspex and heat-shrink tubes. Shie applies traditional couture techniques to these recycled industrial materials and finally turns them into futuristic but exquisite styles.


Experimentation through the mixing of saturated colors and pursue the textile innovation is a large part of Shie’s process. There is also a sculptural approach to her design that is clearly identifiable in the architectural silhouette.

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