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RODERIC WONG 品牌最初由设计师夫妇 Roderic 和 Rina 于 2012 年在新加坡成立,2016 年在上海重设工作室并开启高级成衣线。



"It all starts with the aesthetic design of changes of form and style in different; the cool and clean brand style rather than at those modern urban women explores the relationship between. Then the deliberate pursuit of the female who love life and perceive the world from spaces in a calm manner.” of what RODERIC WONG is derived.


The brand different perspectives, is dominated by the architectural innovation movement. A series of ideas with regard to modernist architectural design, from which the clothing structure and texture, which design of RODERIC WONG, which is tar foundation and logic of the brand design curve beauty and the complex superflu led by Bauhaus in Germany in the 20s of last century, led to the emergence of a ours decoration.

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