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ROARINGWILD成立于2010年,注重细节的深度构思,以可塑性极强的设计手法打造丰富的产品体系,对产品进行多维度的表达,是一个以URBAN STREET风格为主的街头服饰品牌。同时也是一个关注生活、艺术、音乐等领域,致力于创造与传播本土青年文化的平台。品牌更像是先行者,秉持着街头文化的生活理念,通过“ROAR”咆哮的态度鼓励年轻人表达自我。用辩证的视角看待社会议题,将服装作为载体进行表达传述,创造属于新世代的生活态度。


Established in 2010, ROARINGWILD focuses on the in-depth conception of details, creates a great product system with flexible design and expresses products in multiple dimensions. It is a street-wear brand based on URBAN STREET style. At the same time, it is also a platform dedicated to the creation and dissemination of local youth culture in the fields of life, art and music. The brand is more like a forerunner, adhering to the life philosophy of street culture, and encouraging young people to express their own opinions through the attitude of 'ROAR'. We consider the social issues from dialectical perspectives. The clothing is regarded as a carrier to create the life attitude belonging to the new generation. 

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