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 REDEMPTIVE 是由 Wilson Choi 创立于 2018 年的男装品牌。我们将 REDEMPTIVE 定义为一群心 系世界,关注社会的叛逆青年:干净而鲜明,年轻而成熟;品牌浓缩了时代下那些勇敢突破且追求自 由的新鲜血液们,是当代中国青年的缩影。设计师透过创作反思,通过作品带出独特的品牌故事,并 借此拉近人与人的距离。「情感」、「能量」、「激发」是 REDEMPTIVE 的核心价值。以设计表达情感, 为时下注入能量,燃点探索各样可能性。 品牌希望社会上被忽视的声音能透过设计重新演绎,把正面能量带出,这正是 REDEMPTIVE 的品牌 名称意指和所追求的东西。REDEMPTIVE 主打实用主义风格系列,并旨在提供高端时尚街头风格结合 运动户外元素。REDEMPTIVE 的标志性的落肩设计,轮廓恍如成长中无形的拉扯与阻力,亦正代表品 牌浓缩着时代下,那些具冒险精神的当代中国青年们,逆流而上。


We define REDEMPTIVE as a group of rebellious teenagers that concerns the world and the society, “Fresh and distinctive, young and mature.” The brand enriched those fresh blood i n this era that are brave see k i ng brea k throughs and pursuing freedom. We aim to e x press the emotions through our designs, import new and positive energy. Through creative wor k and brought out the uni q ue story by the brand. There are unlimited new things happen everyday and time never stopped due to anyone ’ s command. L oads of stuff are being forgotten by people under this fast - moving pace. We hope we could raise the awareness towards some unseen and unheard social issues through our design and yet, output positivity and energy. This is what the meaning of REDEMPTIVE and what we are pursuing. Moreover, the iconic silhouette dropped shoulder design of REDEMPTIVE symbolised i nvisible pull and resistance in growing - up. It stands for these new blood that bravely see k s to brea k through and pursues freedom. That also represented those adventurous Chinese teens trying hard to upstream in the era.

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