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RE: by MAISON SANS TITRE 于2020年秋季正式上线。

RE:来自于英文中最常用的前缀词,也是MAISONS SANS TITRE品牌名称的最后两个字母,代表着「再」、「重新」、「重复」,而「:」则来自乐谱中的段落反复记号,在一次次的反复回响中不断以新的方式呈现或传统或经典的男装形态,组合各种民族闲趣来呈现「优雅穿衣的乐趣」。

RE:by MAISON SANS TITRE以重生与重现为主题,将MAISON SANS TITRE的历来经典男装造型,以全新的形式重新呈现,强调了MAISON SANS TITRE男装中东方情调的DNA,通过不同的穿着方式来实现一衣多穿,丰富了服装的多样性与趣味性,在追求生活质感的同时保持对未知事物的探索欲。


RE: by MAISON SANS TITRE officially launched in the fall of 2020.

RE: Derived from the most commonly used prefixes in the English language and the last two letters of the MAISONS SANS TITRE brand name, which stands for "again", "re", "repeat", and ": "Comes from the repeated marks of the paragraphs in the score. In the repeated echoes, traditional or classic men's wear forms are presented in a new way, and various ethnic leisure interests are combined to present the" fun of elegant dressing ".


RE: by MAISON SANS TITRE, with the theme of rebirth and reappearance, MAISON SANS TITRE's classic men's style is represented in a new form, which emphasizes the Middle Eastern style DNA of MAISON SANS TITRE's men's style, and achieves multiple wear through different ways of wearing. It enriches the diversity and interest of clothing, and maintains the desire to explore unknown things while pursuing the different texture of life.

Available for purchase IN-STORE only

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