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PRIVATE POLICY是一个立足于纽约的包容性品牌,致力于将纽约叛逆的风格和激烈的自由精神带到世界。创意总监Haoran Li和Siying Qu被提名为时尚集团国际新星,入选福布斯中国30位30岁以下的人,并于近日获得连卡佛2020年全球创意Callout大奖。以可持续发展为永恒的追求,品牌相信时尚是表达多样性、建立社区和激发有意义的对话的出口。它是为那些热爱时尚,关注世界的人设计的。


PRIVATE POLICY is a New York based inclusive brand, dedicated to bring the New York rebellious style and fierce free spirit to the world. The creative directors, Haoran Li and Siying Qu are nominated as Fashion Group International Rising Star, listed on Forbes China 30 Under 30 and recently the winner of Lane Crawford Global Creative Callout 2020. With sustainability as the constant pursuit, the brand believe fashion is the outlet to express diversity, build community and inspire meaningful conversations. It's design for people who heart fashion and mind the world. 

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