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Midnight Opera House

Midnight Opera House源于层次丰富的舞台感与戏剧美学,致敬每位怀抱勇敢与探素精神的当代女性。以高级珠宝工艺精神为底蕴,精心打磨、并不断追逐当代珠宝材质的创新融合。创造无可取代的个人风格,营造强大气场与迷人魅力。MOH相信每个女人都是自己舞台上的唯一主角。就像独幕歌剧,时而柔媚婉转、时而荡气回肠。让每一个女人都成为最独树一格的不凡印记。

Since established in 2016, Midnight Opera House has been motivated by the needs of well-informed ladies, and pioneered a category of finely crafted feminine costume jewelry that support women’s diverse wearing demands on many important occasions.  For each season, the designer puts forth a fusion of theatrical aesthetics and modern style, bringing works with rich cultural and artistic appeal. Meanwhile, we take superb jewelry craftsmanship as the foundation, only use high-quality materials, and all products are carefully polished and handmade by experienced craftsmen.

Available for purchase IN-STORE only

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