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Independent fashion label MARRKNULL was co-founded by wang kuma and shi tian in 2016. MARRKNULL takes China's unique county culture as the background, and is rated by British media DAZED as "the brand that shakes Chinese fashion, and Chinese made will be redefined". In the stereotyped era full of imitation and replication, the brand reflects on daily cultural forms and describes the contradiction and influence between it and the modern social system. The brand has been released in London, New York, Paris and other international fashion weeks for many times, attracting the attention and discussion of global media with its strong theme and sense of interest. MARRKNULL is favored all over the world for its unique style. Its products focus on the structural change of clothing. On the basis of the consistent deconstruction stitching technique, MARRKNULL combines with the traditional Chinese clothing structure, and decomposes and reconstructs the obsolete and inappropriate styles in a humorous way.

In 2018, the brand won the New York VFILES Young Designer Award, and its works have been featured in international VOGUE, DAZED, WWD, Glamcult, PUNKT and many other international magazine media.

Available for purchase IN-STORE only

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