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GARÇON BY GARÇON 由设计师Dayun Tang 于2017年创立。 “GARÇON” 在法语中是男孩,小伙子等意思,代表着每个人徘徊在成熟与幼稚之间,探索无边荒原的朦胧时期。对未知世界保永保好奇心和少年心,是品牌创立的初衷。

Dayun Tang 善于运用中世纪元素诠释现代时装美学,融入东方传奇元素的同时每一季都会记录下成长过程中的有趣回忆,将铠甲作为灵感延续、有形地融入着装、无形地融化于心;刻画生涩而坚韧的戛赫松少年形象。

GARCON BY GARCON was founded in 2017 by designer Dayun Tang. "GARCON," French for boy, lad, etc, represents the hazy time when everyone lurks between maturity and naivete, exploring the boundless wilderness. The original intention of the brand is to keep curiosity and youth heart in the unknown world.

Dayun Tang is good at using medieval elements to interpret modern fashion aesthetics. While integrating Oriental legendary elements, he records the interesting memories of growing up every season. He uses armour as inspiration to continue, tangibly integrate into the dress, and invisibly melt into the heart. Depict the raw and tough young Garcon image.

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