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FENGYI TAN 是由谭凤仪2015年在伦敦创立的女装品牌。品牌擅长从人体动态和服装之间的情感关联为出发,来创作彰显当代独立女性精神的高级时装,品牌同时从实验性舞蹈和当代艺术中获得灵感,以影像、音乐和装置艺术结合服装来探索女性着装未来的可能性。


FENGYI TAN is a womenswear brand founded by Fengyi Tan, a graduate of the Royal College of Art in 2015. FENGYI TAN creates contemporary sporty womenswear using elastic materials. The collections are inspired by the interaction of space, movement, and body, capturing the 'moment of movement' through a process of creative collaboration and inspiration from contemporary dance choreography to modern art. FENGYI TAN explores the potentialities of futurism in fashion through different media, such as performance, installation and film.

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