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Dumpty Studio的创始人是四位在形态和材质上分别具有见地的90后,受圣马丁系统学派熏陶的几人还未毕业便创立了Dumpty Studio,让他们的思想和所学有的放矢,将东方手工精髓与西方设计理念结合,生产出慢而温柔的配饰。

The founders of Dumpty Studio, Xiaoru Liu, Linbing Zhu, and Yufeng Li, came from Central Saint Martins College and London College of Fashion. They met in Central Saint Martins and founded Dumpty Studio in 2016.

Dumpty is a brand full of "selfish spirit". Because Dumpty believe fashion is not just for people who are tall, thin and beautiful but also people with ordinary stature can also dress cool. Dumpty embraces different cultures and bodies, and uses a black and humorous form of interpretation to explain the "primitive spirit" to arouse people's thinking and attention.

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