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Dirty Pineapple “新街头” 服饰品牌。 2017年成立于上海,是一个集合多元化设计,面向具有创造性的年轻群体的潮流品牌。 创立初衷是为了重新诠释中性美,让中性成为一种时尚态度,从而实现一种超越性别的性感。

Dirty Pineapple is a Shanghai based apparel brand established in 2016 and the result of a dynamic design collective. The brand caters to a young and creative audience and has caught the attention of the press and consumers with its lounge suit and vintage styling approach. With collections under the influence of different cultures, combined with high street fashion and creative matching, Dirty Pineapple aims to adapt to modern urbanites through a

multi-layered mix of high-quality basic and innovative items.

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