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艺术香氛品牌Cosmic Speculation,以浩瀚无边的神秘宇宙为概念,打造全新理念香氛产品。品牌以著名印象建筑大师Charles Jencks建造的私家花园为灵感,将概念化的宇宙具象化成一系列各具特色的香氛产品。它将对艺术、建筑和自然的思考融入到调香之中,蕴含着浩瀚的世界观,让人踏上自我探索与发现之旅,崇尚发现精神自由,以及和谐自然的生活态度。

The art fragrance brand Cosmic Speculation is inspired by the vastness of the universe and  the private garden of architectural icon Charles Jencks. Our brand has always aimed at transforming the abstractness of the cosmos into a series of distinctive fragrance products for the body and home. The brand takes a holistic approach of considering art, architecture, nature when developing its scents and advocates people’s self-exploration, spiritual freedom, and an attitude that is harmonious with the natural world.                               

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