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CHENGGUANG WANG 是王晨光个人同名品牌,于2016 年1 月创立。独立,不盲从,不刻意为之,品牌秉承「We are born this way」为理念,追求纯粹,自由—「遇见真实的自己」的生活态度。服装材质以环保天然纤维为主,自然舒适。CHENGGUANG WANG 坚持细节的极致追求和把控,在产品设计中加入手绣, 手绘等形式,使服装在创意的基础上结合所面对的市场,呈现出别具一格又符合东方审美的特质设计师。王晨光自幼习画,擅长花鸟,山水文化并移。将古典传统美学与现代多元化的结合,求异共存。擅长从中国传统文化中取其精华,用现代的设计手法去呈现。以男装见长,整体的设计风格较为中性,无性别局限。

CHENGGUANG WANG, a personal eponymous brand of Cheng Guang WANG, was founded in January 2016. Independent, not blindly follow, not deliberately, the brand adhere to the idea of "We are born this way", the pursuit of purity, freedom - "meet the true self" life attitude. The clothing material is mainly environmental-friendly natural fiber, and is natural and comfortable. Chengguang Wang insists on the extreme pursuit and control of details, adding hand embroidery, hand-painted and other forms in the product design, so that the clothes are creatively combined with the market, showing unique and Oriental aesthetic characteristics. The combination of classical traditional aesthetics with modern diversification is seeking different and coexistence. He specializes in taking the essence from Chinese traditional culture and presenting it with modern design techniques. The overall design style of men’s wear is more neutral, without gender limitations.

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