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8ON8是由中央圣马丁男装硕士毕业生龚力/LI GONG在2017年所创立的男装品牌。8ON8所传达的是设计师关于复古未来主义美学的诠释。品牌以LI GONG富有年代感的视角出发,融合他心目中关于生活的想象,并以日常生活为参照,构建出一个专属于8ON8的架空的理想主义世界。品牌在结合了功能性面料和传统工艺的创新基础上,通过极端剪裁和对人体比例的把控,以结构化的设计与当代运动元素的相互交织,并采用丰富的色感相融,打造出平面视野中的多层次感,在增强品牌成衣感的同时,从服装本身挖掘更多的可能性,传递出8ON8特有审美。

Central Saint Martins’ MA Fashion graduate Li Gong founded menswear label 8ON8 in 2017.

After carefully developing his aesthetic and style he presents in 8on8 a fresh vision and energy of the future drawing reference points from past generations of city life and the energy of youth in a mature form.

Fresh pattern cutting technique and tempered proportions combine with the mix of technical and traditional fabrics to provide distinct categories of clothing for men transcending and fusing the categories of contemporary sportswear and men’s tailoring.

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