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YUICHI YANG是一个年轻时尚彰显个性的新时代品牌,设计师通过YUICHI YANG中的很多不可能不敢想的混搭拼色手法以及少女情怀和休闲中性风表现了当下年轻女性不仅可以穿着舒适休闲宽松有设计感的衣服,又不会失去原有的少女气息。在YUICHI YANG的设计中运用了很多少女心风格的点缀让往日松垮休闲的衣服变得别有一番风味,其次yuichi yang更多的是做了很多大胆的拼接撞色和夸张的裁剪和尺寸,让原本单调的布料变得十分有趣。

YUICHI YANG is a brand of the new era that shows young fashion and personality. The designer shows that young women can not only wear comfortable, casual, and design-sensitive clothes, but also won't lose their original girliness through many unimaginable color mixing and matching techniques, girl feelings and casual neutral styles in YUICHI YANG.


In YUICHI YANG's design, a lot of girly embellishes are used to make the casual clothes in the past become a different flavor. Secondly, YUICHI YANG made a lot of bold splicing and color contrast, exaggerated cutting and size, which made the monotonous fabric very interesting. Designer YUICHI YANG graduated from University of Technology Sydney. After graduating in 2018, she created her own brand. YUICHI comes from the Japanese pronunciation of the designer’s name Yuki. YUICHI YANG is a fashion brand of all ages. Her clothes are a mash-up using different materials and bold colors to mix together. This is what the brand wants to present. The Yang of YUICHI YANG is also a homonym for young, and in the first season, it gives a strong visual impact to show the personality and characteristics of the whole brand.

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