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TOGGLER 于2018年在伦敦创立,设计师周行尝试将生活趣味融入首饰设计中,通过解构重组打破常规格局,不断探索首饰范畴内的有趣与多变。让设计不止于外表,更是内有巧思,追求有内涵的高级趣味性。品牌专注于突破框架限制,以其独有的思考方式向人们重新勾勒设计的巧思和美学理念。


TOGGLER was founded in London by Royal College of Art graduate Zhou Xing in 2018. Xing tries to incorporate life interests into jewellery design.

Through deconstruction, TOGGLER breaks through conventional design, constantly exploring the possibilities of jewellery. For now, TOGGLER involves in specialised fields, such as fashion jewellery and fashion collaborations.

TOGGLER is constantly searching for more unknown possibilities in order to pass the culture of aesthetic to people with unique design methods.

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