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THE JINGINGLAB是毕业于伦敦时装学院的设计师JING在上海创立的独立设计师品牌。 THE JINGINGLAB 就想给所有女孩一个共同的可能, 希望通过这复古与未来共存的实验性小配饰,让每个女孩都能轻松真切的表达自我。梦里那张闪亮的大网在现实中变成一个个精巧的小包。简单舒适的实用主义也是是 THE JINGINGLAB 留存当代的处事哲学。 网格的编织方法,是梦也是实用主义。这样的编织方法在保证面积的情况下又减少水晶带来的沉重感,使得佩戴起来更加没有负担。 THE JINGINGLAB坚持使用高品质进又水晶,每个细小的水晶珠上都做了菱形的切面和特有的AB镀彩。THE JINGINGLAB潜心研发原创编制工艺和造型,追求精益求的工匠精神,在坚持实用主义和原创的理念下,希望呈现出 耀眼光芒的配饰单品。

THE JINGINGLAB is a Shanghai-based accessary brand focusing both on futurism and girly style. Established in 2019 by Jing Zhou after graduated from London Collage of Fashion, THE JINGINGLAB features on modern women who can break ordinary criteria of female and regain innocence acrossing the age. Reviewing the relationship between female and society, THE JINGINGLAB encourages women to be themselves confidently. To create a new sparkling design both being unique and functional, each collection selects high quality crystals combining elaborated craftsmanship. The crystals selected in this collection is like candies in the cosmos,which have a sweet core within a bold shell. With a focus on functionality, this collection creates unique pieces ,like mini bags, shoulder bags and clutch bags.

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