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Chritine Song和Tiya Zhou同为London College of Fashion的校友。分别学些Womenswear和Pattern Cutting的她们,毕业回国后决定创立Pupil Casket。本身服装设计的出生,让她们可以以服装专业的视角带入饰品设计,用不一样的材料组合,打造独特的视觉效果和佩戴效果。

Pupil - 捕捉碎片的媒介 Casket - 储存思绪的容器 


Chritine Song and Tiya Zhou are both alumni of London College of Fashion. After studying Womenswear and Pattern Cutting, they decided to start Pupil Casket after graduation. The study of fashion design allows them to bring the perspective of fashion profession into jewelry design, and create unique visual effects and wearing effects with different material's combinations.​


Casket - a vessel for storing thoughts


The design that the brand hopes to present is to enable a dialogue with the heart, pursue the free choice of the heart, bring back some treason and seek pure beauty. Hoping that oneself can face up to their own strength through product design, express the emotions they want to express, and release it. The brand advocate the psychological orientation of being spontaneous while rational, rebellious but self-understanding.

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