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“前置表达 Pre-expressivity”的设计通过对材质的实验性探 索,将精神力议题变为客观存在的穿搭配饰,赋予其对意 识、自我认同、宇宙包容性以及极致体验的认识与价值观输出。



Pre-expressivity was founded in 2020 by Mol who graduated from Instituto Marangoni in Milan. Through the experimental exploration of materials, the brand transforms the spiritual issues into objective wear and matching ornaments, and endows it with awareness, self-identity, universal inclusiveness and ultimate experience, and outputs values. Mol thinks that accessories are integrated with our body by the concept of “Wearable items”, and it gives priority to express individual consciousness visually with precise signals compared with language. This is the representative of the spiritual core, but also our pre-expressivity of the outside world.

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