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PONDER.ER 是设计搭档Alex Po和Derek Cheng的创意结晶,意在挑战性别固化与社会陈规。品牌颠覆性的性别流动设计以检验和打破固化和惯例为核心,鼓励穿着者尝试及探索自我。品牌与香港芭蕾舞团合作,荣登香港版Vogue ’The Next List 2020‘ 榜单,以至荣获2022年Yu Prize 创意大奖年度大奖及Fashion Asia Hong Kong的亚洲十大焦点设计师名衔。其2022年秋冬系列亦入围卷宗 Wallpaper *2022年设计大奖最佳时装系列。

PONDER.ER, the brainchild of creative duo Alex Po and Derek Cheng, challenges gender stereotypes and deconstructs social forms. The label's striking gender-fluid designs are centred around the examination and dissemination of stereotypes and conventions, and they invite wearers to experiment and explore their own identities. The brand has collaborated with the Hong Kong Ballet and was featured in Vogue Hong Kong's 'The Next List 2020'. It was named the Yu Prize 2022 Grand Prize winner and one of 10 Asian Designers to Watch from Fashion Asia Hong Kong. Their AW 2022 collection was nominated for Best Fashion Collection in *Wallpaper China Design Awards in the same year.

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