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Nan Knits

品牌创立于2021 年,是以针织为主要特色的当代设计师品牌。

设计师Nan 毕业于伦敦时装学院 Fashion Textile: Knit 和皇家艺术学院的 Textiles-Knit 方向


Founded in 2021, the brand is a contemporary designer brand with knitting as its main feature. Designer Nan graduated from the London College of Fashion Textile: Knit and the Royal College of Art in Textiles-Knit.、

The brand aims to explore the future of knitwear and challenge the boundaries of traditional knitwear. By breaking the rules, developing and re-creating exquisite fabrics with complex craft, to reconstruct the relationship between philosophical fantasy and life reality, To create futuristic clothing, and lead the transformation of knitted clothing with aesthetic, uniqueness and fun.

Available for purchase IN-STORE only

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