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FFIXXED STUDIOS位于中国上海。它由两位创意总监Fiona Lau和Kain Picken于2012年创立。

FFIXXED STUDIOS致力于创作回应,激发与适应当代生活中变换环境的服饰与物件。该成衣品牌的服饰,以及一系列合作和物件根据每个季节变换发展,皆反应了品牌的概念演变。设计师在展现对日常生活构成的思考,从而探索了工作与生活在当代文化中的关系。FFIXXED STUDIOS在概念,材料和功能上注重流动性和开放性。品牌服饰的休闲风格由对现代感剪裁的强调,和流动、不拘一格的审美意识所体现。FFIXXED STUDIOS运用天然纤维,定制面料和个人化的生产工艺来回应可持续发展的工作流程中的系列问题。系列在东京、巴黎和上海时装周间展出,且可于多国买手店中购得。


FFIXXED STUDIOS is a collaborative mens and womenswear brand based in Shanghai, China. The brand was founded in 2021 by creative directors Fiona Lau and Kain Picken.

FFIXXED STUDIOS makes clothing and objects that respond, adapt to, and inspire changing conditions for contemporary living. The ready-to-wear label evolves seasonally alongside a variety of other projects and collaborations that inform the evolution of the brand. Reflecting on the everyday, the collections respond to the construction of daily life, exploring notions of work and life in contemporary culture. Prioritising movement and openness both conceptually and in material and functional terms. FFIXXED STUDIO propose a laid back simplicity, emphasised by modern cutting and a fluid, eclectic aesthetic. They draw on natural fibres, custom-developed fabrics and personalised production techniques to address issues of sustainability and ethical working processes. The collections are shown during Tokyo, Paris and Shanghai Fashion weeks and are available through select retailers internationally.

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