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设计师周通Terrence Zhou,毕业于美国帕森斯设计学院,于2020年创立同名品牌TERRENCE ZHOU,并于2021年正式推出其成衣线 BAD BINCH TONGTONG,两个相辅相成的品牌旨在展示他多面的个性,更代表了他在现实与虚拟中“一体双生”的存在。相较之下,高定概念以戏剧化结构和乖张风格作为媒介,从艺术角度出发,激发人们总是爱生活中常被认为不切实际的自我表达、鼓励人们探索实体化世界之外的自我。成衣系列BAD BINCH TONGTONG旨在用古灵精怪的服装和配饰链接乖张个性的表达和时装的实穿价值。无论是舞池蹦迪还是私人约会,BAD BINCH TONGTONG为想在日常场合中展露独有魅力的人们打造从容吸睛的“穿搭利器”。2022秋冬订货会,也是品牌在中国的首次亮相。

迄今为止,他的作品已登封Vogue、Glamour、Wallpaper卷宗、ELLE、WWD等全球知名杂志与媒体。更与Tim Walker、Mario Sorrenti、张家诚等知名摄影师合作。

Designer Terrence Zhou, graduated from Parsons School of Design, founded his eponymous brand Terrence Zhou in 2020 and officially launched his ready-to-wear line BAD BINCH TONGTONG in 2021. The two complementary brands aim to showcase his multi-faceted personality. In contrast, the Haute Couture, with its dramatic structure and eccentric style as its medium, inspires people to love the self-expression often considered unrealistic in life, and encourages people to explore the self outside of the materialised world, from an artistic perspective. The ready-to-wear collection BAD BINCH TONGTONG aims to link the expression of individuality and the practical value of fashion with quirky clothes and accessories. BAD BINCH TONGTONG creates casual, eye-catching outfits for people who want to show off their charm in everyday situations. The 2022AW collection is also the first debut of the brand in China.

So far, his works have been published in Vogue, Glamour, Wallpaper file, ELLE, WWD and other world-famous magazines. He had also worked with Tim Walker, Mario Sorrenti, Zhang Jiacheng as well as other well-known photographers around the globe. 

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