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出生于面料世家的田雨,在多年深耕视觉创意工作中,孕育出年轻、富有新意的中性风格品牌 --ALL BEINGS众妙之门,秉承着“ALLBEINGSHYBRID”的原则,在设计理念上独具新意,善采用拼接、不规则剪裁以及图案的混搭杂糅。以兼收并蓄的设计手笔,呈现出独具一格的解构式中性风单品,充斥着别致高野的美学理念。



Born in a family of fabric, TIAN YU has developed a young and innovative neutral style brand --ALL BEINGS.


Adhering to the principle of "ALLBEINGSHYBRID", explore unique in the design concept by using splicing, irregular tailoring and mixed patterning. With an eclectic design, it presents a unique deconstructive neutral style, filled with the aesthetic idea of chic Takano. The mixture of urban style and fine pieces is a distinctive sign, and the combination of original details and unusual tailoring is abundant in elements. The brand's ready-to-wear retains the elements of street wear, while maintaining the attributes of fashion, precisely focusing on the urban People's Daily wear of the aesthetic needs of ready-to-wear. It was officially established in 2018 and currently has three sectors: offline physical retail space, independent manufacturing plant and design and development lab.

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